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Jenerxx Products


The Jenerxx Polymer Hub Network can provide a wide array of plastic materials to fit your unique challenges. We offer value based resin solutions in commodity and engineering resins.

The Jenerxx network of custom compounders can provide material from 100% prime to 100% recycled. Our unique position allows Jenerxx – The Polymer Hub to create a custom solution to your specific application.

Markets Served

Industrial & Electrical


Lawn & Garden

Building & Construction


Truck & Offroad



Automotive Exterior

Shark Fin Antenna
Mirror / Housings PPE-PA-PS, PC-ABS
Cowl Screen PP – Filled
Grill Carriers ASA, TPO
Air Dam / Deflector PP – Filled
Exterior Headlight Housing PP – Filled
Cladding / Wheel Flares / Step Pads TPO
Underbody Panel PP – Filled, TPO
Wheel Cover PC-ABS, PPE-PA-PS
Wheel Liner PP – Filled & Unfilled, TPO
Bumper Structure TPO

Automotive Interior

Interior Ducts PP – Filled
Interior IP Bezel, Knob & Garnishes PC, PC-ABS
IP Panels & Components TPO, PC-ABS
Overhead Console
A / B / C / D Pillar TPO, PC-ASA
Trunk Closeout Panel / Tailgate PC-ABS, TPO
Seat Related PC-ASA
Center Console Structure PP – Filled, ABS
Interior Floor Structure PP – Filled
Door Panels / Structure TPO

Automotive Under hood

HVAC PP – Filled & Unfilled
Air Intake Nylon 66 – Filled
Structural Brackets PP – Filled, Nylon 66 – Filled
Engine Cover Nylon 6 & Nylon 66 – Filled
Battery Trays / Covers / Cases PP – Filled & Unfilled
Closeout Panels PP – Filled
Fan & Shroud PP – Filled


Furniture, Industrial, Lawn & Garden, Construction, Hardware, Agriculture

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